Aughra photo
Aughra, watcher of the heavens and keeper of secrets
Character Information
Species: unknown
Gender: Female
Occupation: astronomer, wise woman, hermit
Family: Raunip (son)
Counterpart: N/A
Home: Aughra's observatory
Birth: unknown
Death: N/A
Behind the Scenes
Puppeteer: Frank Oz
Voice: Billie Whitelaw
Designer: Brian Froud
Builder: Lyle Conway
Appeared in: The Dark Crystal
Legends of the Dark Crystal: 2

Aughra is a creature of all things mysterious and embodies all races, all genders, and is the very essence of the world of Thra itself. Aughra is wise and experienced enough to know the joy of the world before the takeover by the Skeksis race. It is not clear within the scope of the movie if Aughra is indeed one of a kind, the first and last of her race.

Aughra is an old hermit woman who lives in a isolated brain-shaped observatory atop a mountain which is inhabited by little strange creatures and hidden by living plants. Her home contains a complex orrery that shows the suns, moons, stars and planets of their solar system and their relative positions and motions. She is scientist, alchemist, astronomer, wise woman and witch. She is a cantankerous old woman, but has a sense of humor. She shows no fear before the Skekses, and only anger at the Garthim for destroying her home.

Aughra painfully lost one eye witnessing the first Great Conjunction; using her ability to remove her eyes from her head, she watched the conjunction with one of her eyes, which blinded it in the process.

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