A thousand years ago, this land was green and good, until the Crystal cracked.


Bah-Lem Valley

The Mystics trek towards the now desolate Bah-Lem Valley.

The Bah-Lem Valley[2] was a vast expanse of land where the Castle of the Crystal was located.

The Valley was once the site of a large mountain housing the Great Crystal. When the Fallen urSkeks came to Thra, they demolished the mountain and refashioned it into the Castle of the Crystal.[3] After the Great Division, a great earthquake shook the Valley after the Skeksis cracked the Crystal.

The earthquake was stopped by the urRu, but not in time to save the distant Podling village of Noy.[2] The Valley gradually became a desolate land, due to the Dark Crystal feeding noxious energies along Thra's ley-lines stemming from the Castle.[4] During the Garthim Wars, the Valley was the site of a great battle between the Garthim and Gelflings attempting to free people taken prisoner during the Battle of Namopo Valley.[5]


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