Creghel 001

A vision of Creghel.

Creghel was a tyrant who kept Gelflings as slaves, and enforced his rule through the Horn of Thunder. When the hero Jarra-Jen came to free his people and take the Horn, Creghel sent his warriors to fight him, but to no avail. Creghel challenged Jarra-Jen to single combat, but Jarra-Jen refused, instead challenging Creghel to come up with a task for him to perform, adding that should he fail in his endeavour, Creghel could continue his rule unopposed.

Creghel challenged Jarra-Jen to lift his throne, which was a massive construct carved from a stone that fell from the sky. Jarra-Jen sliced the throne up with the help of a magic fish scale, then deposited the pieces into a pouch made from moon shadow. Shocked, Creghel attempted to escape with the horn, but was caught by Jarra-Jen and killed.[1]


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