Now is the power of the Crystal seen. New life will flow from darkened light, not darkest stone. The Black Stone will no more deceive our hopes, no more receive our worship.

Skeksis inscription., [1]

Haakskeekah Stone

The Haakskeekah Stone.

The Haakskeekah Stone was an artificial crystal created by the Skeksis. Designed to be even darker than the Dark Crystal itself, the Skeksis worshiped the Stone, hoping that it would grant them new life. The Stone fell out of favour when skekTek the Scientist discovered how to use the Dark Crystal to extract life-giving essence from prisoners. It was subsequently used as the target of the Trial by Stone ritual. Despite its failure, Aughra noted that had the Skeksis quarreled less amongst themselves, their desire to create a more powerful crystal might have been achieved.[1]


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