Kensho in "The Power of the Dark Crystal" comics
Character Information
Species: Gelfling
Gender: Male
Occupation: Acolyte
Family: Kolba (mother)
Counterpart: None
Home: Dousan village
Behind the Scenes
Designer: Brian Froud
Appeared in: Power of the Dark Crystal

Kensho is a character from the "Power of the Dark Crystal" sequel comics as the deuteragonist. He lives hundreds of years after the events of the original movie. He is a Gelfling acolyte who befriends and accompanies Thurma, a girl made of fire who comes from the center of the planet, as she attempts to bring a crystal shard that she has stolen from Jen and Kira back to heal her home's sun.

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Personality Edit


In the "Power of the Dark Crystal" sequel comics, Kensho was a Gelfling born in the Dousan clan. One day, a disease struck him causing Kensho to have small mushrooms to grow almost all over his body, and he has to have them burned off, leaving scars including one that surround his left eye. However, the rest of his clan were initially denied healing from the Crystal after they went to the Castle due to them not having enough offerings. Kensho then pleaded to the Crystalline Eminence for the clan and his family to be cured of the disease by having himself become a servant in the castle. They were then eventually relieved of the disease; however, despite also being cured beforehand, Kensho wasn't able to have his scars healed both because of his plea and he did not have an offering for himself. For years, he served as an acolyte (religious assistant) among other Gelflings to Eminence, allowing or not allowing traveling pilgrims passage inside the castle, without ever being able to see his family again.