Character Information
Species: Gelfling
Gender: Female
Occupation: Cook
Home: Namopo Valley
Behind the Scenes
Appeared in: Legends of the Dark Crystal

Kylia, prepares the food for the inhabitants of the Namopo Valley.  When she first meets Neffi she teases her about Lahr implying that they are already a couple, an embarrassed Neffi protests insisting that her and Lahr are not yet a couple because they've only just met.  The village elders continue to debate whether or not to stay or flee before the presumed Garthim attack.  It is at this point that a frustrated Kylia interupts exclaiming:

Enough debate! I need an answer! Am I preparing a feast or packing provisions for a long journey?
In the second volume she continues to consider Lahr and Neffi a couple when Lahr says he is leaving for the Castle Belleg defends Lahr by arguing it is his choice. Kylia protests saying "His choice? Hmpfh! Doesn't she get a say? What about his sweetheart?" Lahr tries to insist that Neffi is not his sweetheart.

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