Kira atop a landstrider.
Behind the Scenes
Puppeteers: Hugh Spight
Swee Lim
Robbie Barnett
Designer: Brian Froud
Builders: Valerie Charlton

The Landstriders are gentle but very protective creatures in the world of Thra. They are very tall reaching up to a height of at least 20 feet tall for the adults and the offspring at least a height of 10 feet tall. They are designed to run as fast as the wind due to their long legs.

They have tooth-like projections running down the caudal side of their upper forelimbs that are used for defense. They have thick whisker-like projections on their faces, and some strange projections that resemble rabbit ears that appear to be extensions of the scapula. When the Landstriders come into battle they have an appendage-like stinger that comes out of their mouth. When they duel with their enemy, the Garthim, they let the stinger come out. When the creatures whip their head and send their stingers flying they send a jolt of electricity through their enemy wherever they sting them. They also use their long weapon like legs to push or hit the Garthim over.