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Legends of the Dark Crystal is a an original manga series based in the world of The Dark Crystal. The story is a prequel to the original 1982 film, taking place during the time when the Gelflings were being hunted by the Skeksis.

The story focuses on two Gelflings: Lahr, a shepherd, and Neffi, a weaver. After both their villages are attacked and destroyed by the Garthim, they join together and eventually rally another nearby village into taking a stand against the monsters...

—Tim Beedle (series editor)[1]

The graphic novels are being Produced by TokyoPop and The Jim Henson Company, with the story written by Barbara Randall Kesel and artwork by Heidi Arnhold and Max Kim. The first volume, entitled The Garthim Wars, was released in November 2007. Three volumes were originally expected however for unknown reasons Henson decided to condense it into only two. The released date of the second manga was delayed for quite some time due to the number of rewrites required. The second and now final volume titled Trial By Fire is expected to be released on August 2010.

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