Character Information
Species: Gelfling
Gender: Female
Occupation: Weaver
Home: Greengrove
Behind the Scenes
Designer: Heidi Arnhold
Appeared in: Legends of the Dark Crystal

Lolly, is an elderly woman who works the loom at Neffi's village.  After watching Neffi play with the children she suggests Neffi should raise some herself which prompts Neffi to respond:

And who will make these little ones with me, Lolly? You know I haven't found him yet!
 Neffi then takes off for a walk in the woods jokingly suggesting maybe she'll find a man lurking in the woods. It is during this time that Lolly and the rest of Greengrove are unfortunately taken away during a Garthim raid. However she is rescued along with many others in the second volume. While in captivity Lolly begins singing a tune that goes:
...sunshine overhead, crops down, children fed, close eyes, off to bed, so goes another day, some work and others play...
Neffi while attempting to navigate the passages of the Crystal Castle hears this song which she recognizes as a Greengrove song and follows Lolly's singing to find the captured Gelflings.

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