A Makrak

The Makraks, also known as Miners were a semi-sentient race native to Thra. They were a subterranean race dwelling within the heart of Thra herself.[1]

Description Edit

The Makraks are race of giants that resemble upright dung beetles. Dwelling in the heat of Thra's core, the Makraks thrive in heat, temperatures or substances like water causes them immense pain. They were adept at tool use using tools like hammers and picks.

History Edit

The Makraks lived beneath the surface of Thra, until the day the Crystal cracked which caused a great fissure to the surface. Lost in a strange alien environment the Makraks were driven mad with fear and pain. While exploring they encountered several Podling settlements, which they inadvertently destroyed in attempt to seek shelter from the surface world's weather. Due to their frightening appearances and the devastation they created in their wake, they were mistaken for evil creatures of destruction.

As the Gelflings began to prepare to battle these creatures on behalf of the Skeksis, Raunip took an interest in the matter seeking another way to prevent the Gelfings from going to war. When the Makraks encroached upon the Valley of the Mystics, a Podling named Kotha, managed to communicate with the through Animal Soul Speaking. He learned of the plight of the creatures to which Raunip pitied them. After misunderstandings between the under-dwellers and the surfcae dwellers were cleared up, Raunip decided to guide them to the Field of Fire, where they perhaps may find a way home.

References Edit

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