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Name SkekOk
Race Skeksis
Occupation Scroll Keeper
urRu counterpart urAc
Era(s) Great Division
Garthim War
Jen's quest
Residence Castle of the Crystal
Don't trust that one.

SkekVar., [1]

SkekOk was the Skeksis' Scroll Keeper, and counterpart to urAc the Scribe. He was the shortest and least honest of all the Skeksis,[2] distinguished by his habit of vacantly mumbling to himself and turning up late to all meetings. Although his primary loyalty lay with skekZok the Ritual Master and skekShod the Treasurer,[3] he habitually changed allegiance, re-writing historical accounts to gratify his shifting allies to the point that the truth was soon lost.[3] During skekSil the Chamberlain's rivalry against skekLach the Collector, skekOk overheard one of Chamberlain's plots, but did not intervene.[1]


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