Character Information
Species: Gelfling
Gender: Male
Home: Namopo Valley
Behind the Scenes
Designer: Heidi Arnhold
Appeared in: Legends of the Dark Crystal

Smeeshun, one of the children of the Namopo Valley he is very headstrong and is first seen interupting a discussion at the elders' round table feircely announcing with a raised fist that he is "brave" and "could battle a garthim".  He also occasionally gets into trouble for instance as the Gelfling are preparing for the Garthim raid he becomes so eager to help out but instead ends up inadvertently getting in the way.  In the last chapter of the first book Belleg who has previously been seen playing with Smeeshun pickes him up off the ground as the garthim are retreating and jokingly says:

Get a good look, you other terrible creature.
as Smeehun watches the fleeing Garthim atop Belleg's shoulders. In volume two Smeeshun still clinging to the "brave warrior" fantasy wants to go with Lahr and Neffi to the Castle to which Lahr responds by pointing out that this is a job for scouts not warriors and that all the warrior are needed in Namopo Valley to protect the other Gelflings. When overhearing a conversation about the Skeksis eating Gelfling prisoners Smeeshun clearly shaken up by the idea askes if that's what they really do yet still the notion of being eaten doesn't completely deter him of his desire to go to the castle and fight.