The World of the Dark Crystal
Release date:    January 9, 1983
Running time:    58 minutes
Interviewees:    Jim Henson, Brian Froud, Wendy Froud, Gary Kurtz, Frank Oz, Lyle Conway, Fred Nihda, Kathryn Mullen

The World of the Dark Crystal is a documentary on the making of The Dark Crystal. The documentary originally aired on PBS on January 9, 1983 and was later released on the film's various DVD releases.

This one-hour documentary details the technological innovations in the field of animatronics, art design, film making, and Henson magic. Requiring over two years of pre-production, The Dark Crystal was inspired by the imagination of artist Brian Froud and conceived by scores of talented designers, builders, technicians, and performers. The World of the Dark Crystal shows how Jim Henson's Jim Henson's Creature Shop in London and the Muppet Workshop in New York brought Brian Froud's art and Jim Henson's vision to life.

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