Thurma, the Fireling Girl
Character Information
Species: U-mun (Fireling)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Ember Queen (Beneath the Dark Crystal
Family: Her mother
Counterpart: None
Home: Center core of Thra
Birth: Unknown
Death: None
Behind the Scenes
Puppeteer: None
Voice: None
Designer: Brian Froud
Builder: None
Appeared in: Power of the Dark Crystal

Thurma is a character featured in the Power of the Dark Crystal as the main protagonist. She is a girl made of fire who came from the U-Mun people who live at the blazing center of the planet. She is sent on a mission to request a shard of the Crystal of Light, of which Queen Kira and King Jen are the guardians, so that she may take it back to heal their dying Sun. Jen and Kira refuse the request, as breaking the crystal will cause the Skekses and Garthim to come back. Frustrated, she steals a shard anyway and flees into the tunnels under the castle, accompanied by Kensho, an outcast Gelfling.

Trivia Edit

  • Interestingly, her name is a play on words, as "therma" is the Greek word for "heat".

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