The Fireling People

Thurma, a member of the U-Mun people

The U-Mun or Firelings people are a species from the {debunked as of February 2012}[citation needed] sequel "The Power of the Dark Crystal", They are people made of fire who live at the center of planet Thra. They sent a young Fireling, Thurma, to request a piece of the Crystal in order to heal their dying Sun.

Description Edit

The U-Mun have a relative appearance similar to the Gelfling race, although they're made of fire. Through fire they possess a form of psychometry able to learn of events and emotions from the past. However due to their unique physiology they cannot safely interact with other forms of life on the surface of Thra. Their mere presence can burn others. Usually U-Mun are unable survive the surface of Thra, as its far to cold for the like of them, but with the power and assistance of the other U-Mun, one can traverse the surface.

History Edit