Name UrSen
UrSen the Monk
Race urRu
Occupation Monk
Skeksis counterpart SkekLach
Era(s) Great Division
Garthim Wars
Residence Valley of the urRu

UrSen is the Mystic monk. UrSen is austere, nearly devoid of ornament. Patient, deliberate and serene, he is free of the need for possessions or ambition, gently moving with the flow of the "now". His Skeksis counterpart is skekLach, the Skeksis collector. While urSen is all about needing nothing, skekLach is all about acquisition. UrSen appears in the Legends of the Dark Crystal manga series. UrSen and skekLach had disappeared by the events of The Dark Crystal and the reunification of the urSkeks.

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