If we can gain control over [urSol's] skill, we can gain control over the world itself.


Name UrSol
UrSol the Chanter
Race urRu
Occupation Chanter
Skeksis counterpart SkekSil
Era(s) Great Division
Garthim Wars
Jen's quest
Residence Valley of the urRu

UrSol is the Chanter and the counterpart of SkekSil, the Chamberlain. He is the one with the topknot and green coat. When Jen stabs SkekSil, UrSol´s hand also bleeds. Although he has the job of chanter, it is UrZah who leads the Mystics in the chants in the movie.

"UrSol the Chanter had 2 voices:one light and gentle for speech,one deep and resonate for song that could calm thunder or make waterfalls still. Music, he said, is the most ephemeral form of sculpture and therefore the most powerful. He wore his hair tied in a club, the knots it formed were varied for each chant and loosened at lesser conjuctions. He had the art to sing one note that made all the different stones of the Valley tremble." (The World of the Dark Crystal).

In the novelization, he taught Jen music, but Jen couldn't sing like a Mystic.

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